Understanding your grief can be very difficult. First of all, grief is an emotional response to a significant loss. You might feel sad, confused, angry, or relieved when your loved one's suffering is over. Grief is a normal emotion but it is also misunderstood and many times we neglect our grief. It is vitally important to know that each person grieves differently.

There are not a certain set a "rules" that everyone follows, but most people have certain stages they go through. Some of the feelings you may have after the loss of a loved one are: loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, uncontrollable crying, and other symptoms that aren't listed here. Some folks may seem to get a handle on their grief in a couple of months while someone else may take several months or a year. Grief does last longer than you might realize so let yourself feel the emotions and work through your feelings.

Once you have confronted your grief and worked through your emotions, you can begin to discover new goals and enjoy everyday happenings again. Be patient with yourself, be kind to yourself, and let yourself feel the enormous range of emotions that you will go through. In whatever time it takes, you will heal. You will get to the point where you will feel you can pick up the pieces of your life, keep your loved one close to your heart, but move on in your life in a way you didn't realize you could.

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